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you helped us build a rap verse using lines from wednesday’s ‘mac miller and the most dope family!’ check it out below and be sure to follow us on twitter to take part in the next #mostdoperap!

#MostDopeRap (12 bars) – 8/27


I’ve been through this before, I know the business

Most Dope flow kickin’ in the door, flying off the hinges (@ThaAlmightyD)

Bread it like a chicken wing 

Make it taste good, not even a funny thing, I rap because I can’t sing (@BeastOfThaEast9)

You have nipples that are crippled 

My money pours, why yours barely trickles (@AJPina_94)

Hoorah – UTAH 

My shoes? Supra Your shoes? Soup, bra Dissed you, booyah! (@AustinZSoice)

I gotta go granny style, yo   

it my turn to go. I pick up the mic and start to flow, flow so tight I start to glow (@wildboy313)

MTV2 out

I’m sadder than a kid eatin Brussels Sprout (@Duhray_)

read ‘em and tweet!

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the-funny-pics asked: Please tell me why the ferguson interviews have not been aired. If they are still being edited, or there is another reason, please message. Please don't blow me off

video coverage from our time in ferguson is coming this week.

in the meantime, you can read some of our recent editorial here.

& hit up my friends at with questions & comments.